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March 23, 2020
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Car Battery Care When Not In Use

Car Battery Care When Not In Use

Modern cars are becoming more popular for the average joe to obtain as times progresses. These cars are more reliable and have higher performance, but at the same time, the number of electrical consumers in cars is growing. A common theme for the cause of a breakdown in the past would have been a flat tyre or mechanical issues. But now, car battery failures have become one of the most common reasons for an involuntary halt.

We believe some of these issues can be addressed and this article provided by Scuffdoc aims to do that. We are mechanics that offer services ranging from MOTs to alloy wheel repair. Be sure to get in contact with us for any enquiries on car batteries and what you can do to support its battery life.

Charge Level

Regardless of what type of starter battery is used: you should always keep an eye on the charge level in order to maintain the highest possible charging capacity. Reliable and adequate charging of the battery can considerably extend its life.

If the vehicle is stationary for a long period of time, a drop in voltage and harmful deep discharge can be prevented with a suitable charger. High standard battery chargers have the ability to detect the charging capacity of a battery and have an automatic charging current control.

Regular Checks

Short journeys put an enormous strain on starter batteries – especially in cold weather. At winter temperatures, the performance of all batteries is restricted for chemical reasons and the generator can only provide an inadequate charge over short distances. Therefore, it is even more important to provide your battery with regular checks for charge level.

If the headlights quickly become darker when the engine is switched off, the battery should be charged as soon as possible. Ideally, a professional check of the charge level should be carried out at regular intervals by your workshop.

Safety & The Economy

Not using electrical consumers such as seat and steering wheel heaters reduces fuel consumption and puts less strain on the battery. Unless they are absolutely essential, only the electrical components which are used for comfort should be switched off whenever possible. This makes an essential contribution to better energy management in the vehicle and increases the amount of energy which is available for charging the battery.

Your battery should be prioritised for the systems that provide you with more road safety. Therefore, headlights, as an example, should be switched on at dusk. The trade off between the economy and your safety as a driver is not worth the risk.


We hope to have provided you with some information on steps you can take to maintain your car battery life, even when not in use. For more information and a list of the services we provide, head over to our website.

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