guide to alloy wheel repair
A Complete Guide To Alloy Wheel Repairs
January 24, 2020
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How to Keep Your Alloy Wheels in Great Condition

How To keep your Alloy Wheels Safe

Keeping your alloy wheels in great condition all year round can sometimes be troublesome. When winter comes around, the days are shorter and the nights are longer, not to mention the rain, ice and snow whilst driving. When this happens you can guarantee that the gritters will be out in force, this does help us keep all four-wheels on the road but does mean all that delightful salt will start to eat away at your alloys. When salt starts to react with alloy the galvanic corrosion process occurs, which can cause a lot of problems for your alloys. If your alloys have any cracks, kerb damage or even stone chips in them it can cause big problems. If the salt gets into the wheel it will speed up the corrosion process.

Now it’s never too late to protect your alloys and all is not lost. There are a few ways to protect them and the first we would suggest is to give them a good clean and use the correct wheel sealant. This will act as a protective barrier against salt and brake dust, we do advise that you do this on a regular basis as the more protection you can give the better your alloys will be, also when summer comes around again you will be thankful for it. Here are some useful tips when it comes to taking care of your wheels:

  • Make sure you clean your wheels on the vehicle when it has not been run and make sure to carry out the cleaning process one wheel at a time.
  •  Always clean your wheels first, this will prevent brake dust splashing onto newly polished paintwork.
  • Make sure to give your wheels and underneath the wheel arches a good clean before applying the wheel sealant.
  • Use a good wheel cleaner, splash out on some in the middle price range.
  • Use an alloy wheel brush to get a wonderful finish.  

But when it comes to more serious damage like kerb damage or stone chips we would advise that you consider alloy wheel refurbishment. This is definitely a cheaper option in comparison to leaving your alloys untreated and then having to pay out for a new set come to the summertime. Let’s face it, a brand new set of alloys and maybe tyres are not a cheap option. 

Alloy Wheel Repair


At Scuff Doc we want to provide your alloy wheels with some TLC, we offer a mobile alloy wheel repair service in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. We provide a unique service, where we come to you and carry out services that include repair, refurbishment or wheel straightening. Our professional team have years of experience in alloy wheel repair and work swiftly and efficiently to have all your wheels back on the road ready for your travels. If you have any queries then contact us today! To get your quote for alloy wheel repair, call 07884395619 and speak to our friendly Scuff Doc team today! We can come to your home or workplace and it will be taken care of in a flash. 

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