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May 28, 2021
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What damage can potholes do to your car?

What damage can potholes do to your car?

Many people are unaware of damages that can be made to your car on the roads. It’s especially important that we take care of our car when we are driving as well as thinking about everybody in the car. This is especially true when it comes to potholes in England! Sometimes if you travel too quickly over deep potholes it can cause damage to your car which you may not notice until weeks later. In this blog, we will discuss what damage potholes can do to your car, whether you can claim pothole damage on insurance and talk all about cracked alloy wheels.

Hitting potholes can cause a range of damages to your wheels and tires. The force of the tire hitting a deep pothole can cause an array of different problems. Some problems can include cracks, lumps in the tire, buckled wheels, cracked alloys and it can also knock out the tracking and wheel balancing. Some of these problems can worsen over time, meaning it’s best to get them sorted straight away. The problems below state what damage potholes can do to your car with a brief explanation of what can go wrong if it doesn’t get fixed. 

Buckled wheels– This is where the alloy bends. What will start off as a buckle will eventually turn into a crack from the constant fatigue of the tire against the road. 

Cracked alloys– A crack is where the alloy is showing visible cracks which are commonly caused by kerbs, potholes or uneven roads. More serious than scuffed alloys, it is a safety hazard as the tire has the possibility to cause your tire to explode. Cracks should be repaired as soon as possible so that any car accidents are avoided. 

Lumps in the tire– Although these can be caused by potholes, it usually indicates that the tire has been damaged internally. A bulge in the tire requires immediate attention. 

Wheel balancing– Your tire may require wheel balancing after hitting a pothole as your car will not drive as evenly. A tire balance will correct the weight imbalance of your tire.

Tracking– Wheel tracking is the process of ensuring that your vehicle’s wheels are set to the optimum position to avoid excessive wear of the wheel. If your wheel tracking is off, wheel wear and tear will be more likely to occur. 

Alloy wheels

What is a cracked alloy? – The alloy is the metal and visible part of the wheel. When the alloy is showing visible cracks. It can be difficult to spot the cracks in alloys, but it can be serious, so they must be repaired when necessary. It can be difficult to spot cracks in alloys from dirt and residue from the roads, if you clean them it can make it much easier to check for damage that could be repaired. 

How to repair cracked alloy wheels?- It is unlikely that you will be able to repair alloy wheels at home as they can pose a risk to the car and the people in the car. You can buy repair kits online for very minor repairs, but it’s best to leave this to the professionals. Talk to our team now and find out how we can help with alloy wheel repair – we can come to you!

Why do alloy wheels crack?- Cracks in the alloys are caused by impact, from potholes or accidents. As well as this, the pressure from the tires wrapped around the wheel poses a risk to the alloys. If the car is in an accident, the impact from the pothole can be too great to absorb, leaving a crack in the alloys. If the alloy is cracked, it could lead to a tire explosion.

Can I claim pothole damage on insurance? 

When researching into what damage can potholes do to your car, you might be wondering if you can claim pothole damage to your car on insurance. You may decide it’s best to claim pothole damage on your insurance, this is possible but you will need to think wisely at the moment, or go back to the location at a safer, later date. Providing evidence for the insurance company is essential, so make sure you take a photograph of the pothole. It is best to provide a familiar object in the photo to give a sense of scales like a drink or a shoe. You can either make a claim for the pothole damage to the council or you can choose to claim using your car insurance. According to most councils, to count road damage as a pothole, the hole must be at least 40mm deep, which is roughly the height of two 20p coins. You may not get anything back from the claim, this is something to discuss with your insurance company or council. 

Thank you for reading our blog on what damage potholes can do to your car. If you need your car alloys or scratches to be repaired in and around the Nottinghamshire area, contact us or call us on 07884395619 today, we’re more than happy to help you.

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