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December 19, 2021
Where can I get my alloy wheels refurbished in Nottingham
Where can I get my alloy wheels refurbished in Nottingham
March 10, 2022
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Is Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Nottingham Worth It?


Everyone loves the look of a shiny new car, but unfortunately, the sparkle only lasts so long before you accidentally chip the paint, dent your car or damage your alloy wheels. Suddenly, your brand new vehicle is looking rather worse for wear and you might already be searching for a replacement. 

Instead of purchasing a brand new car, or leaving your current one damaged, there’s an easy solution, especially for your alloy wheels. At Scuff Doc, we specialise not only in scratch and bodywork repair but also in alloy wheel refurbishment Nottingham

What is alloy wheel refurbishment Nottingham?

Alloy wheel refurbishment Nottingham is one of Scuff Doc’s most popular services, dedicated to restoring your alloy wheels to their original state. The process can consist of replacing your alloy wheels altogether, repairing them and even straightening them should they need it. 

Alloy wheel refurbishment Nottingham gives your wheels a new lease of life and you can choose between a wide range of paint finishes. We take extra care of your vehicle and make sure the alloys are not just a perfect fit but are in perfect condition, through the use of our specialist ovens and equipment.

If your alloy wheels are experiencing corrosion, chips, dents or other kinds of damage, this is where alloy wheel refurbishment Nottingham comes in. 

Is it worth it?

At Scuff Doc, we believe that alloy wheel refurbishment is worth it. And it’s not just us, our customers think so too! Instead of looking at damaged or corroded alloys every day, you can come straight to Scuff Doc and have them repaired, or we can even visit you at home with our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service. 

Repairing or refurbishing your alloy wheels in Nottingham isn’t just beneficial for the appearance, it’s beneficial for safety purposes too. Damaged or bent rims can pop tyres and affect the quality of your steering, both of which could threaten your safety and the safety of other drivers. To protect yourself against a road accident, we highly recommend refurbishing or repairing your alloy wheels with Scuff Doc. 

If you’re still wondering whether alloy wheel refurbishment Nottingham is worth it, you can contact Scuff Doc for more information on this service. 

How to refurbish my alloy wheels

You can easily refurbish your alloy wheels by contacting an alloy wheel refurbishment specialist and letting them know what work you’d like carried out. From there, you’ll be provided with a quote before sending your vehicle to our team at Scuff Doc. We’ll then complete an assessment of your vehicle and commence any agreed repairs or refurbishments. 

If you’re concerned about driving your vehicle to Scuff Doc, we offer a mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service, so you can keep your vehicle where it is. 


Most of our refurbished vehicles are returned the very next day, so you won’t be left without your car for very long, but we will let you know if we expect the work to take any longer. For more information on alloy wheel refurbishment Nottingham, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Scuff Doc. 

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